About MWPF


The Mineworkers Provident Fund (MWPF) was formed in 1989, with a clearly defined vision and strategic objectives which include being the retirement fund of choice in the mining industry but most importantly providing retirement benefits to the most vulnerable workers of our society – the mineworkers. Our core values as a Fund are Respect, Dignity and Legacy where we are driven by our desire to leave something of value for the next generations. This is based on the notion that just like other workers, mineworkers have the right to retire with dignity thus accounting for all the years of hard labour they put in.

Throughout the years we have focused our efforts on ensuring that we remain true to our founding principles of treating our members with respect and restoring their dignity.

In 2011, the fund moved key services in-house and in 2012 new leadership came on board, improving administrative processes and establishing effective corporate governance. The fund is now one of the few financial services companies that truly understands the needs of mineworkers.

We operate servicing centres throughout South Africa and satellite offices in the Eastern Cape and Mozambique to better service our members. We have assets in excess of R32bn and have never delivered a negative return to our members since inception.


The Mineworkers Provident Fund is a self-administered fund, that is centered around member centricity. MWPF has never declared a negative return to member since its inception. It’s statutory audit and governance structures aligned with stated objectives, assure servicing members.

The Fund of Choice

Through tailored solutions and member centred product development we have consistently outperformed both our target benchmark as well as a number of well-established balanced portfolios with a similar risk profile.

The Success

Our success can be attributed to our investments approach. The fund offers members a single default portfolio that seeks to deliver a real return of 4.5% above inflation (CPI+4.5%) over any consecutive five-year period at a minimum level of risk.

The future

We have only scratched the tip of the iceberg and have a lot of work ahead of us but we believe that as long as we continue to place our members at the core of what we do, we will always have the drive and passion to do better. The Fund continues to seek innovative and cost-effective ways of serving our members. We remain focused on creating the retirement fund of choice and sustainable returns and benefits.