Retirement Benefit Counselling


Are you 55 years or older and about to retire in the next year, six months or three months?

We offer Retirement Benefit Counselling to members who are about to retire to assist with planning for retirement and to help members avoid running out of funds after they have taken a lump sum.

Retirement Benefit Counselling also explains the following, in a clear and understandable manner:

  1. The available investment portfolios of the Fund,
  2. The terms of the Fund’s annuity strategy,
  3. The terms and process by which a Fund handles Paid-Up benefits in terms of Regulation 38,
  4. Any other options made available to members.

Not only are the sessions beneficial to members but they are a requirement, and it is important for all members about to retire to attend one.

How to book a session

If you are a member of MWPF and are about to retire you can do one of the following:

  1. Visit our Service Consultants; or
  2. Speak to our External Interface Managers; or
  3. Contact your HR/Benefits Personnel to find out when the next counselling session will take place.

If you are an Employer contact your respective External Interface Manager to arrange one-on-one sessions for members 55 years and older.