Terminal Illness


If you satisfy the Trustees that:
• You are permanently unfit to continue in or resume employment in the category of work you have been employed in the service of the Employer; and
• You are permanently unfit to continue in or resume employment in any other category of work for which the Chamber minimum annual basic wages are greater than or equal to those for the category of work in which you have been so employed, and you die within twelve months of your last working day,

The following benefits will be payable:
3 x annual pensionable salary;
The total retirement contributions;
Total Voluntary Contributions;
Total Transferred Portion; and
Net investment return.

What is the employee’s responsibility?
Notify the employer of ill health;
Complete the Terminally Ill claim form;
Provide certified copy of ID;
Provide medical evidence (Medical Certificate);
Initial medical evidence –the employee is liable for the cost of the medical report as the onus is on the member to prove disability.
You may take your full fund credit in cash — just remember that you will pay tax on a portion of the money.

Documents required:
Withdrawal (Retirement, Disability & Terminally ill) claim form signed by the member and two Employer authorised signatories.
The withdrawal form must be stamped by the mine;
Banking details (copy of bank statement stamped by the bank);
Certified copy of Identity Document
Medical certificate.

For Claims, Please Contact Your HR

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